Парусные (парусно-моторные) яхты

Парусные яхты: виды и аренда

Самое большое преимущество таких яхт заключается в сочетании хороших ходовых свойст с простотой управлением небольшой командой. В целом, они более экономичны с точки зрения стоимости аренды и дополнительных расходов, чем остальные виды  яхт. Вы можете выбрать среди множества различных моделей - от комфортабельных круизных яхт до самых спортивных, специально сконструированных для участия в регатах.  Оптимальный вариант для начинающих - судно длиной от 40 до 43 фута с тремя-четырьмя двухместными каютами.

Motor Yachts

Motor Yachts

The main advantage of a motor yacht is their speed. This means you can get quickly from one destination to another and spend the extra time relaxing on beaches or exploring secluded bays, taking day trips or go snorkeling in crystal clear waters. Besides their speed, one more great advantage is their stability and comfort because of their greater cruising autonomy. Because of their lower draught, they make anchoring in shallow bays an easy task. Other advantages include a spacious interior with plenty of headroom and a great view from the fly bridge. Also, motor yachts have no dependency on wind speed and allow you to always be the one who chooses the next destination, at any given time.



A major advantage of catamarans, both power and sail, is their minimal draft which allows you to tuck up close to a beach or anchor in shallow areas. Below decks, catamarans offer plenty of space, which makes them a perfect choice for a larger group of people or families. Catamarans are considerably more stable than a sailing yacht. They do not bang back and forth in swells, which makes them super comfortable and puts them on the list of all-time favorite boats for all of you who suffer from sea sickness! However, catamarans also have their disadvantages: A wide beam can make it difficult to find room at a dock. A crowded anchorage can also represent a challenge. Chartering a catamaran is more costly but the extra space allows more friends to split costs.