Sailing in Spain

Yacht charter in the Balearic Islands

The islands that form the Balearics are: Ibiza, Formentera, Menorca, Mallorca, and Cabrera. Clear waters, sandy beaches, lively harbours and a very active night life is what attracts more and more sailors every year to these beautiful islands. Along the pristine coastlines, you'll find endless coves and beaches, perfect for anchoring your yacht.

The Balearic Islands are still among the most popular yacht charter areas in Europe. They are easy to get to, with still reasonable airfaires,  and they offer a good infrastructure with more than 40 well-equipped marinas. The variety of the Balearic landscapes is legendary. Hidden and dreamy bays cut into rocks, turquoise blue waters, elongated beaches,  rugged and sparsely populated mountainous regions, especially in the north of Mallorca.

"Classic" is the circuit around the main island of Mallorca, a distance of 160 nautical miles. You should plan roughly 10 days for it and sail counterclockwise, due to the winds from the north.  Also recommended: the night trip to the 50 nautical miles distant island of Ibiza, with its beautiful city marina, and to proceed to the island of Formentera. If, on the way back to Mallorca,  you want to visit the nature reserve of Cabrera island, be aware that you need to apply for permission in advance.

Wind and Weather

The climate on the Balearic Islands is moderate - subtropical, with the hottest months in July and August. During summer, thermal winds from different directions are dominant. On the northern side of Mallorca and on  Menorca, the  Mistral can fall in with strong winds. From spring to summer the prevailing winds  in the east of the Balearic come in with easterly directions. Best and most pleasant sailing time for a sailing trip is during spring and autumn. Overall, the Balearic Islands are an ideal spot for beginner sailors.


The Spanish Balearic Islands yacht chartering season generally runs from April to the end of October. The summer season in July and August is the hottest and tends to have lighter winds.


Palma de Mallorca has excellent flight connections

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