Sailing in Italy

Yacht charter in Italy

Yacht charter bases in ItalyItaly is a yacht charter destination of superlatives - surrounded by water, caressed by the sun and blessed with a unique combination of natural beauty, art and history. Sailing is an option almost everywhere. Here you find our selection of the most beautiful and popular cruising grounds. All of them are easy to reach and offer a good Yacht Charter infrastructure.

Elba/ Tuskany

Tuscany is a synonym for beauty , fine arts, nature and inspiration. The region is one of the oldest cultural landscapes in the world . The sailing area consists of a small number of islands wthin an archipelago, including Elba as the largest and most historic. Napoleon spent 10 months there as a prisoner. We recommend a tour around  the island with a visit  of the picturesque coastal towns. Elba as the yacht charter center is also a popular starting point for crossing over to Corsica, or to sail north and experience the wild and romantic scenery of the Ligurian coast in the Genoa neighborhood.


Most popular starting point for sailors is the Costa Smeralda on the northeast of the island, with the ports of Porto Cervo, Portisco or Palau. The Maddalena archipelago near the coastline offers beautiful anchorages in turquoise water. Bonifacio on the Corse side, with impressive chalk cliffs and a picturesque harbor panorama, is worth a visit.

Gulf of Naples and Amalfi , Cilento coast

Capri and Ischia are legendary and have been subject of many songs and stories, while the Pontine island are still a precious and well hidden secret among sailors. The spectacular Amalfi Coast is just a few miles further south. For many visitors this is the most beautiful coastline in the Mediterranean. The historic centers are Amalfi and Positano. The Cilento coast further south is part of a national park with the same name. This is a place to experience unspoiled nature and find small sandy coves, hidden behind massive rock formations.

Sicily with the Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are easy to reach from the yacht charter bases in Milazzo, Porto Rosa or Santa Agata. Seven islands within the short range of  only 25 nautical can be visited there, each of them of stunning natural beauty, aming them the famous volcanic islands Vulcano and Stromboli. The latter with an active volcano, whose fire shine bright at night.


Summer are sunny, mild temperatures until late autumn. Mostly moderate winds from the west - northwest direction , occasionally Mistral or Sirocco . Prevailing winds 2-5 Bft , in the Strait of Bonifacio with jet effects sometimes stronger.
In Sicily it can get very hot during the summer. The winters are short.

Sailing season

Mid-April to mid-October, all year-round in the south. August is the main holiday period in Italy and generally not recommended for a sailing holiday.


Flights to Genoa, Pisa (Tuscany ) , Olbia (Sardinia ), Naples , Palermo / Catania ( Sicily)

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