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Yacht charter in Turkey

The Turkish Mediterranean Coast is a sailing area for the connoisseur and enthousiast. No doubt that you will come back after your first visit. You will experience relaxed sailing holidays in the unique scenery of a broken, opulently forested coastline, and you will enjoy anchorings in wide or narrow bays, deeply cut  into the mountaneous shore. Don't miss opportunities for excursions to the mainland. The hospitality of the Turkish people is legendary, and the food is very tasteful.

The sailing infrastructure is excellent and makes your live easy. Most of the marinas are well equipped – even if you may not need to use them too often, as you will spend most of your nights laying in a bay, with a bow anchor and a stern line to the land, or at a buoy or jetty, as offered by a restaurant owner. The price is that you take your dinner in their restaurant.

Charterboote am Steg in Sapsala

The Turkish Mediterranean coast can be devided into 3 sectors: a northern sector between Izmir and Kusadasi, a middle sector between Bodrum and Fetiye – the most diversified and visited area, and a southern sector between Kas and Antalya.

The international yachting centre of Turkey is Marmaris, a lively holiday resort in a wide bay with a long drawn out promenade populated by plenty of side walk cafes or restaurants. The Netsel Marina is in walking distance to the downtown area and its basars, where you can make good deals for textiles, leather or jewelry.
South of Marmaris, sail to the river Dalyan. The Dalyan river delta is a natural paradise, home of many rare animals like cormorants, pelicans, eagles and sea turtles. Excursion boats take you up the river for a visit to the ancient town of Kannos. Once there, don't miss to take a bath in the hot sulfur sources.

Charterboote in Kleopatra Bay

Further south, right in the middle of the gulf of Fetyie, you will find the friendly and picturesque town of Göcek. From the marina, take a relaxed walk through the pleasant town alleys and make use of shopping opportunities for arts & crafts, leather and textiles. Then you may sail further down to the town of Fetyie, famous for the beauty of its surrounding nature´. The beach of Ölü Deniz nearby has the reputation of being the most beautiful beach in the whole of Turkey

North of Marmaris you shouldn't miss to visit Bodrum. The origin of the town dates back to a settlement in ancient Greece. Landmark are the medieval towers of the crusaders castle, high over the bay. On your walk through the castle, don't miss visiting the museum for underwater archaeology with its impressive collection of underwater findings from the greek period, including a documentation of their discovery and rescue.

Charterboote in Bodrum

Today, many charter companies are offering one way charter, which has been becoming quite popular among sailors in recent years. It has some advantages, as it allows a visitor to dicover a longer section of a coast with all its beauties during a single trip.

Wind and Weather

Klimatabelle Türkei

The climate is mediterranean, with plenty of sun, hot summers and short winters. From mid june to September, the Meltemi wind blows from northern directions. The wind wakes up late in the morning, can grow up to 5-6 Bft. during daytime and falls asleep in the evening, or sometimes later in the night. Along a cap or in a bay, there is a possibility of fall winds. Therefore, it is recommended to lay out enough anchor chain during an overnight stay.


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Scheduled flights via Istanbul.
German Wings to Iznir.
Charter flights to Antalya, Dalaman, Bodrum, Izmir.
Ferries between Turkey - Italy, Turkey - Greece.

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